• Leo Charles M.

    Leo Charles M.

    Fantasy/Sci-Fi reader and reviewer from Jersey City, NJ — Author of The Chronicles of Mayhem Contact at: LeoCharlesWriting@gmail.com

  • Dom Powell

    Dom Powell

    Data analyst, artist, writer, creator of www.hermeticworlds.com

  • Dan Atkinson

    Dan Atkinson

  • Gaëtan Comte

    Gaëtan Comte

  • Connor Luke Simpson

    Connor Luke Simpson

    documentary filmmaker - will post my ramblings about film and television here from time to time. find me at @RealConnorLuke on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Amiee Collier

    Amiee Collier

    Actress/Singer. Dog and cat mom. Geek extraordinaire. Cleveland, OH | amieecollier.com

  • N Jacquin

    N Jacquin

  • Craig Hewitt

    Craig Hewitt

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